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    • The problem with EVERY other guide on "money making" that you've ever bought is that they rely on you SELLING something.
    • I'm about to reveal the biggest secret to you. Free Traffic + Give Away Free Stuff = BIG Money In Your Bank...
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    • Ritoban C.

    • A blue-print you only need 25 minutes a day to start with...
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      Here's What You DON'T Need (Unlike The Other "Systems")

    • No Time - You don't study textbooks of confusing material. Just copy/paste 4 steps in 25 minutes a day.
    • FREE FREE FREE - Never pay for traffic.
    • No SELLING - You just give away FREE things...
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    Imagine Making $700+ a Day Without Spending a DIME or Ever Having To "Sell" A Thing..."

    All It Takes Is JUST 25 Minutes a Day and 4 Steps I Need You To Copy/Paste...

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    Here are a few things we should clear up right away:

    • 25 minutes is a minimum to START seeing income - if you can do more, you should (the more you invest, the more you make).
    • No, you won't make MILLIONS by tomorrow. This is a process. It'll take a few days to start working and then will GROW from there.
      Yes, keep it up and you'll be quitting your job pretty soon!
    • This is NOT some "fly-by night" scheme - This is a REAL business model that is getting BIGGER and BIGGER every day.

    Do The Names Yahoo, Microsoft, Nokia &
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    You'll be running an actual "business" with long-term big potential.

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    Hi, I'm Ritoban C.

    From Playing with Slum Kids To Making $300 a Month, To Buying Financial Freedom For FREE!

    "I" wanted to be that guy in the Mercedes, not my stupid BOSS.

    But, how?


    I found almost everything...

    • Sell a product
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Adsense
    • Ebay
    • Amazon
    • Stuffing envelopes
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    You name it, I was thinking about it - but NOTHING seemed to click right away. They all seemed like it would take too long (given I went on in the future to make TONS from affiliate marketing - but first I want to started with something easier)...

    How I Discovered This Stupid-Proof
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    Basically, I was goofing around on the computer and start trying some "free traffic" techniques...

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    Solution #1 - I just copied and pasted this link and offered them a FREE report.

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    What the heck just happened?

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    See, the system gets abused, makes money for a few and then it DIES.

    But, the problem is...

    OK, Let's Clear The Air...
    Here's What You DON'T Need For This Formula...

    So this is the #1 question I get almost every day...


    So here is what YOU DON'T NEED:

    • Insane money to BUY traffic...
    • Any "experience" - BRAND new to marketing is PERFECT...
    • Technology understanding - this is dead simple system...
    • Your own product
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Joint Ventures or any Affiliates
    • Tons of EXTRA sealed crap...
    • Hours and Hours of time "learning"
    • Ebay

    Why Spend All This Money on "BIG" Traffic When You Can Do MORE with FREE Traffic?

    The problem is that you buy all this traffic - and yes, many times the traffic comes. BUT...

    • You spend THOUSANDS of dollars...
    • You miss the LITTLE important details (and get CRAP traffic)...
    • You waste weeks trying to figure it out...
    • In the end, you're let with a big hole in your pocket

    25 Minutes , 4 Steps & $750 Million...

    Introducing - CPA Instruments
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  • The First "Money-Making" System
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    Let me share with you the formula to this success.

    The's history. Because your business gets put on complete AUTO-PILOT!

    4 Steps in 25 Minutes a day with FREE stuff and Free Traffic...


    Part 1: The 25 Minute Formula
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    This formula is FULLY explained in this part of the course. Step-by-Step.

    • The EXACT BLUEPRINT that I used to make over $700 a DAY
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    Part 2: The Coach Standing Over Your Shoulders (Just Watch Me Build It Out - So Easy!)

    I never understood HOW they expected you to become successful with this.

    In CPA instruments, I will provide you with...

    • Step By Step Training and Walkthrough
    • Watch Me Present Personally Help YOU
    • The Exact Process To Follow
    • Checklists & Reports - We Break The Process Down - No Overloading!
    • Workshop Style Coaching



    Part 3: The Advanced Ninja Kick (Talk about ADVANCED stuff to dominate)

    • POWERFUL Tactics to drive INSANE Traffic
    • NINJA Mobile Secrets that can help EXPLODE the level of Traffic
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      Tools using Media Buys to create AUTOPILOT Traffic
    • KILLER traffic generation tactics using CPA
    • AMAZING Landing pages that can SUCK the Traffic in like a Tornado


    BUT, Here is a WARNING!


    RITOBAN, I'm Ready But How Many THOUSANDS
    Is This System Going To Cost Me?


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  • So how about $197, Does that sound fair?

    Okay, I'm going to do something CRAZY today.


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    60 DAY RISK-FREE For You
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    Yes, Ritoban, I want it.

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    • I understand the system is RISK FREE- 60 days
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